Vol. 109 • August 1982 • No. 14

Correspondence 418
Editorials 419
The lone cowboy 421
McCarthy, Abigail
The lessons of Lebanon 423
Hehir, J. Bryan
The bishops and the bomb-nine responses A useful benchmark 424
Langan, John
If not nuclear deterrence? 426
Shannon, William V.
Between prophetism & nationalism 427
Chittester, Joan
A troubling document 429
Odeen, Philip
How to apply it 431
Downey, Thomas J.
Dialogue is needed 433
Finn, James
Disaster, no; disappointment, yes 435
Zahn, Gordon C.
Hard work still to be done 436
Nagle, William J.
A complex document 438
Curran, Charles A.
Screen 440
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Dance 441
McDonagh, Don
Very high sci-fi 442
O'Brien, Tom

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