Vol. 109 • June 1982 • No. 12

Correspondence 354
Editorials 355
Recounts, regrets 357
Clark, Jack & Chopin, Jim
Can nuclear protest change policy? 360
Hehir, J. Bryan
The Brezhnev succession 361
Ramet, Pedro
The future of our fellowship 364
Burtchaell, James Tunstead
The marvels of Mondragon 368
Cort, John C.
Screen 371
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
American Journey 373
Green, Martin
On Heroes and Tombs 374
Christ, Ronald
Verse 375
Cadnum, Michael & Schwartz, Hellel & Preston, D. S. & McMullen, Richard E.
The Rabbi on 47th Street 376
Harrison, Barbara Grizzuti
The Reenchantment of the World/The Turning Point 378
Kolb, David
Chicago's Catholics 380
Higgins, George G.

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