Vol. 108 • November 1981 • No. 20

Correspondence 612
Editorials 613
What to tell the children 615
Powers, Thomas
Thinking in packages 617
Garvey, John
A tyrant of art 619
Maloff, Saul
Screen 621
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Rabbit Is Rich 624
Murtaugh, Daniel M.
The Emergent Church 625
Burtchaell, James Tunstead
Admit Impediment 627
Jacobsen, Josephine
The Papacy Today 628
Deedy, John
The Hotel New Hampshire 630
Kellman, Steven G.
Christian Realism and Liberation Theology 631
Fox, Richard Wightman
Early Auden/W.H. Auden: A Biography 633
Meyers, Jeffrey
True Prayer/The Way of the Heart/Prayer of the Heart 634
Imbelli, Robert P.

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