Vol. 108 • January 1981 • No. 2

Correspondence: 34
MACHADO, LILLIAM & AUGER, (REV.) GEORGE & WOLFF, WILLIAM F. & HOWARD, JOHN W. & KORB, GEORGE M. & McTAGGART, BILL & Cuomo, Mario M. & Clark, Dennis & Berube, Maurice R.
Editorials: 35
O'Gara, James
After the bombs: 37
Powers, Thomas
King of Prussia eight: 39
Garvey, John
What is shaping my theology? 41
McDonnell, Monika K Hellwig, George MacRae, Robert McAfee Brown, Michael Novak, Charles E Curran, Ro
Screen: 54
Jr, Colin L Westerbeck
Christ Proclaimed/A New Christology: 56
Shea, John
Evangelical Theology/Introduction to the Theology of Karl Barth: 57
Bazyn, Ken
A World of Grace/Karl Rahner: 58
Loewe, William P
A New American Justice: 60
Stackhouse, Max L
The Future of Creation: 61
Carpenter, James A

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