Vol. 108 • October 1981 • No. 19

Correspondence 578
Editorials 579
A tangible gesture 581
Polner, Murray
Who's the 'sick man'? 582
Grayson, George W.
What persuades? 583
McCarthy, Abigail
A new era of social teaching 585
Hehir, J. Bryan
Abortion, the Constitution, & the human life statute 586
Flaherty, Francis J.
Quebec's political future 593
Kramer, Steven Philip
Dance 595
McDonagh, Don
Screen 596
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Theology and Political Society/Catholics and Canadian Socialism 597
Coleman, John A.
First Reactions 598
Kaplan, Howard
Fires 600
Fowlie, Wallace
Celestial Pantomime 601
Miller, J. Hillis
Verse 602
Jacobsen, Josephine
Burnt Water 604
Condini, N.E.

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