Vol. 108 • May 1981 • No. 10

Editorials 293
The press on El Salvador 295
Leary, Mary Ellen
Iron law of institutions 298
Powers, Thomas
The Gnostics among us 300
Garvey, John
Hemingway alive 302
Maloff, Saul
Walt Whitman, poet of democracy 303
Borges, Jorge Luis
Screen 305
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
World Without End 306
Grumbach, Doris
Housekeeping 306
Booth, Rosemary
Religious booknotes 308
Sawicki, Marianne
The Analogical Imagination 310
Burrell, David
The Eagle's Gift 311
deMille, Richard
Too Long a Sacrifice 312
Bowman, David J.
Turning/Creative Dislocation 314
Marxism/Marx Against the Marxists 316
Baum, Gregory

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