Vol. 107 • April 1980 • No. 7

Correspondence 194
Editorials 195
A chance encounter 197
Powers, Thomas
Caesar in our future? 199
Garvey, John
The idea of a liberal education 201
Cameron, J. M.
Waiting for Lefty on campus 207
Mankoff, Milton
Easter-The Space Window at the Washington Cathedral-Puritam Antiphons-Teacher, What Shall We Do-The Larger Hope-Home sapiens 212
Ley, Murray Hickey & C., Sr. Anne Hig-gins, D. & Seaburg, Alan & Brown, Joyce S. & Smith, LeRoy Jr.
Man in her Life: 'The Rose' & 'Coal Miner's Daughter' 213
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
America Revised 214
Schroth, Raymond A.
Teaching as a Conservative Activity 216
Shea, George W.
Fifteen Thousand Hours 218
Berube, Maurice R.
The Body in Question 220
Darst, Stephen

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