Vol. 107 • March 1980 • No. 5

Correspondence 130
Editorials 131
Pro-Soviet throwback 133
Martin, Benjamin
The Executioner's Song 134
Garvey, John
Will it sell in Utrecht? 136
Coleman, John A.
The CIA & the president 139
Powers, Thomas
Coming Out-An Aging Lady 142
Stephenson, Shelby & Beum, Robert
The Tito legacy 143
Denitch, Bogdan
Tremors in Belgrade 146
Ramet, Pedro
Pinter's Betrayal: Bringing Back Empathy 148
Weales, Gerald
Sorry, Wrong Number: Horatio Alger Calling 149
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Catholicism and Modernity 150
Higgins, George G.
The Notebooks of F. Scott Fitzgerald/The Price Was High 153
Long, Robert Emmett
Before You Eat-Carrots-The Butter Road-An Irish Dinner 154
Fedo, David & Flanders, Jane & Galvin, Martin & Murphy, Peter E.
Who Shall Be the Sun?/The Pregnant Man 155
Taylor, Anya
Martin Heidegger 156
Richardson, William J.
Jack's Book 157
Wynard, Eleanor
Claims in Conflict 158
Dohen, Dorothy

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