Vol. 107 • December 1980 • No. 23

Editorials 707
A question of intentions 709
Powers, Thomas
The pilgrimage of Dorothy Day 711
O'Brien, David J.
The Life of the Virgin-The Execution of Thomas More (1535)-Earth as Made 716
Clark, Melissa & Shorb, Michael & Smith, LeRoy Jr.
This year in Jerusalem 717
Cohen, Shalom
An American on the West Bank 721
Baron, Virginia
A mayor in Manhattan 723
Hirschfield, Robert
Giving it the Gate 724
Westerbeck, Colin L Jr.
Naming Names 725
Harrington, Michael
Is It You? 726
Joseph, Lawrence
The Role of the Augsburg Confession 729
McDonnell, Kilian
Index to volume CVII 731

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