Vol. 107 • November 1980 • No. 21

Correspondence 642
Editorials 643
Using up the president 645
Powers, Thomas
The church beyond the church 646
Garvey, John
Contraception & the synod 648
Cooke, Bernard
The Religious vote 650
Castelli, Jim
The men on the blanket 652
Holland, Jack
Theology in the Americas 654
Views, An Exchange of
Art 661
Mills, Nicolaus
Still Breaking Away: Farce Which Punches Too Hard 662
Weales, Gerald
Recalled to Life: After Waiting for Godard 663
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Economic Democracy 665
Howard, Robert
Christ 666
Brown, Raymond E.
Joshua Then and Now 667
Hoffman, Nancy Yanes
Women and Ministry in the New Testament 668
Swidler, Arlene

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