Vol. 107 • February 1980 • No. 2

Editorials 37
The responsibility of theologians 39
Cooke, Bernard J.
Lord Acton, power & papal infallibility 42
Garvey, John
Is the church an idol? 45
Davis, Charles
Responses 48
Lec-key, Dolores & Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schussler & Murnion, Philip & Marty, Martin E. & McKenzie, John L. & Neuhaus, Richard John
Hard Act to Follow: Klaus Kinski: Up for the Count 56
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Free and Faithful in Christ Vol I/Principles for a Catholic Morality 58
Longwood, Merle
The Taste for the Other/Comparative Religious Ethics 59
Hindery, Roderick
Beyond our Tribal Gods 61
Hillmand, Eugene
Our Life in God's Light 62
Deedy, John

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