Vol. 107 • July 1980 • No. 13

Correspondence 2
Editorial 3
An Irish Saul 4
Fisher, Desmond
The citizen army 6
Powers, Thomas
The voice of Blume 8
Garvey, John
The new economic mythology 10
DuBoff, Richard B.
Questions for the pope 15
Ranly, Ernest W.
The man who said no 18
O'Brien, Dennis
White House pillars 20
Miller, William Lee
When Memory Comes/My Home, My Prison 22
Jacoby, Tamar
Message and Existence 24
O'Donovan, Leo J.
Looking for Work 26
Rivers, Cheryl
Jung in Context 27
Neafsey, James
Who Gets Ahead? 29
Hassenger, Robert

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