Vol. 106 • November 1979 • No. 20

Correspondence 612
Editorials 613
Kind word for Carter 615
Powers, Thomas
People who are fire 617
Garvey, John
The poet as theologian of secularity 619
Cunningham, Lawrence S.
The father of Studs 622
Finn, James
What Iris Murdoch doesn't know 623
Cunneen, Sally
Screen 625
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
The uses of adversity 628
Maloff, Saul
Aborting America 631
Hoyt, Robert G.
The Nuclear Question 633
Powers, Thomas
The Gnostic Gospels 634
Perkins, Pheme
The Obstacle Race 636
Mullarkey, Maureen
With Clumsy Grace 638
O'Brien, David

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