Vol. 106 • October 1979 • No. 19

Correspondence 578
Editorials 579
The Pope & politics 581
Fisher, Desmond
Name of the Game 583
Getlein, Frank
A married man on celibacy 585
Garvey, John
Single blessedness? 588
Weaver, Mary Jo
Testing our ear drums - and our civility 591
Donway, Walter
The permanent refugees 593
Wasserstrom, James I.
Dance 595
McDonagh, Don
Screen 596
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
The Genesis of Secrecy 598
Dillon, Richard J.
Re-creating the Experience of Life-change and Religion/Sexual Dimensions of the Celibate Life 599
Balsam, Rosemary H.
Blood of Spain 600
Woodcock, George
The Study of Liturgy 602
Hovda, Robert W.
The Grammar of Faith 604
Tavard, George H.
In Brief 606
McCauley, Michael F. & Quigley, Thomas E

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