Vol. 106 • October 1979 • No. 18

Correspondence 546
Editorials 547
A-bomb survivors 548
Saloff, Stephen
Parliament U.S-style 549
Wicker, Brian
Wolfe in orbit 551
Powers, Thomas
Opening Pandora's box 553
Polner, Murray
It just isn't working 555
Marmion, Harry A.
'It happens all the time' 557
Byrne, Katharine
Stage 559
Weales, Gerald
Screen 560
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Television 561
Tertian, Philip
Terrorism in fiction 562
O'Grady, Desmond
Hollywood Hagiography 564
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Ashes/7 Years from Somewhere 567
Piero, W. S. Di
Why Catholic 568
O'Brien, Dennis
I've Done So Well - Why Do I Feel So Bad? 570
Weber, Carlo A.
Rise Gonna Rise 572
McConville, Ed
A Life of Christ/Man of Nazareth 574
Wilkes, Paul
Undesirable Alien 574
Christ, Ronald

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