Vol. 105 • December 1978 • No. 25

Correspondence 802
Editorials 803
Prematurely Saved: 805
Garvey, John
The Illusion in Iran: 806
Powers, Thomas
God, man, history & the totalitarian temptation 808
Domenach, Jean-Marie
Sight Unseen(verse) 813
Fremantle, Anne
The parable of the unresponsive witnesses: 814
Forest, James H.
Screen: 816
Westerbeck, Colin L. Jr.
Meditations: Thomas Traherne(verse) 817
Little, Geraldine C.
Visions of Glory 818
Miles, Jack
Evita,First Lady 819
Page, Joseph A.
Dasher/Yankee from 820
Lanouette, Georgia William J.
Education for Justice/The Faith that Does Justice 822
Marciniak, Ed
Milton and the English Revolution 824
King, Robert L.
Uncommon Prayer 824
True, Michael
Index to Volume CV 826

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