Vol. 8 • May 1975 • No. 8

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Obedience to Autbority 5
Chickering, A. Lawrence
Abolish "Reform" 9
Wilson, James Q.
Hayek: The Road to Stockholm 10
Grant, James
Holmes, Sweet Holmes 12
Murchison, William
The Nation's Pulse 13
Rusthoven, Peter J.
The Talkies 15
Stein, Benjamin
A Federal Policy for Higher Education? 16
Finn, Chester E. Jr.
Demythologizing the Poor 19
Machan, Tibor R.
A Libertarian's Basic Repertoire 21
Raico, Ralph
Peace Is Not at Hand 23
Rusthoven, Peter J.
Brudnoy's Film Index 26
Brudnoy, David
Black Fiction 27
Benston, Kim
Guilty Pleasures 28
Krieger, Terry
The Genteel Populists 29
Codevilla, Angelo M.
The Bootblack Stand 31
Plunkitt, George Washington
The Public Policy 32
Meyerson, Adam
Corrent Wisdom 34
Jackasses, Assorted

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