Vol. 6 • February 1973 • No. 5

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial I 3
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Editorial ll 3
Kristol, William
The Public Discourse 4
Weaver, Paul H.
The Perseverance of the Family 5
North, Gary
Contributors 6
Queer-Baiting for Faith, Fun, and Profit 8
Brudnoy, David
The Great American Column 12
Rosenblatt, Roger
Booze and Pot: The Metaphysical Distinction 13
Veal, E. T.
A Quiet Moment with Averell Harriman 15
Carey, George
Public Education on the Defensive 16
Finn, Chester
Letter from a Whig 18
Slemp, C. Bascom
The Rosa Luxemburg Contracetives Cooperative 19
Shorey, Kenneth P.
A New Isolation: Threat or Promise 20
Grant, James
The Bootblack Stand: Letters To Plunkitt From Senator (Name Withheld) and Saylord Poinsett 21
Correspondence: Letters from Name Withheld, William Hawkins, Dan Bennett, and Larry Oates 23
Beyond Science and Behaviorism 24
Gow, Haven Bradford
Current Wisdom 26

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