Vol. 5 • February 1972 • No. 5

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial I 3
Jr, R. Emmett Tyrrell
The Nation's Pulse 4
Jr, R. Emmett Tyrrell
The Function of Criticism at the Present Time 5
Rosenblatt, Roger
Fish Story 8
Morris, Joseph A.
The Emerging Trucial Omanese Supersheikdoms 9
Kristol, William
Some 'Youth Meetings' The Media Ignores 10
Kannon, Baron Von
Letter From a Whig 11
Will, George F.
FredCorbin on Beyond Freedom and Dignity 11
Skinner, B.F.
The Politics of Authenticity 13
Wesley, W.
The Rise and Fall of T.D. Lysenko 14
Cooper, Douglas
The Life and Times of Horatio Hornblower 15
Bartley, Robert
The Language and the Music of the Wolves 16
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Correspondence 16
Delacey, Stan
Editorial II 18
Krieger, Terry
The Bootblack Stand 21
Brayings from the Barnyard 22
Jackasses, Assorted

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