Vol. 5 • December 1971 • No. 3

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial I 3
Jr, R. Emmett Tyrrell
Letter From A Whig 4
Will, George F.
On Paul Samuelson's Mythical Sweden 5
Broden, Nils-Eric
How To Survive a Liberal Education 8
Avey, John
The Greatness of Sen. Bayh 9
Fredericks, William G.
The Peace Profiteers 11
Walker, Robert S.
A Modest Proposal 12
Quick, Jonathan
Population, Resources, Environment 12
D., Aldo Somers, M.
The Morality of Abortion 13
Cooper, Douglas
Ecology Crisis 14
Gow, Haven Bradford
The People Problem 14
Potter, Gary
Cruising Speed: A Documentary 15
Brudnoy, David
A Portrait of WFB 16
Lobdell, Jared
PetrPattr 17
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
The Nation's Pulse 18
Jay, Marshall
Correspondence 19
Berkis, Dr. Alexander V.
The Bootblack Stand 20
Nixon, Richard M.
In Praise of WFB 20
Nathan, George
Brayings from the Barnyard 22

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