Vol. 28 • July 1995 • No. 7

The Continuing Crisis 8
Correspondence 10
Editorials/Pat on the Back/A Dressing Down 12
Jr, R. Emmett Tyrrell
Capitol Ideas / Turnabout Is Fair Play 16
Bethell, Tom
My Favorite Career Pol 18
Novak, Robert D.
Japan's Poison Gas Apocalyptics 22
Haselkom, Avigdor
Pope Culture 26
Johnston, George Sim
The Lame Game 30
Bovard, James
The Unsweet Science 34
McGrorty, Michael J.
Eminences/Making It Final 44
Ferguson, Andrew
The Public Policy /A Supply-Side Strategy 46
Frum, David
Presswatch / Meeting the Enemy 48
Cony, John
Ben Stein's Diary //f This Is Tuesday 50
Stein, Benjamin J.
Constitutional Opinions /State Your Business 55
Rabkin, Jeremy
Politics / Pretty Vacant 57
Norquist, Grover G.
Russia Watch / Stalin Grads 58
Bernstein, Jonas
The Washington Spectator/ The Way They Were 60
King, Florence
The,Talkies /Binge and Purge 62
Bowman, James
P.C. Mommy Knows Best 64
West, Diana
The Collected Works of John Reed 66
Rosenstone, Robert A.
Turin Shroud 68
Picknett, Lynn & Prince, Clive
Among the Lowest of the Dead 70
Drehle, David Von
This Side of Peace 71
Ashrawi, Hanan
The Populist Persuasion 73
Kazin, Michael
Current Wisdom 80
Jackasses, Assorted

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