Vol. 23 • August 1990 • No. 8

The Continuing Crisis 6
Correspondence 7
The Sound and the Fury/The Angry 150 8
Jr.", "R. Emmett Tyrrell
The Courage of His Convictions 9
Bethell, Tom
Environmental Gore 12
Morrison, Micah
Two More if by Sea 15
Horner, Charles
The Politics of Cancer Testing 18
Fumento, Michael
East Side Story 24
Pinkerton, James P.
Romania Watch 26
Gold, Victor
Moynihan and the Conservatives 27
Jr.", "Robert W. Kasten
Confessions of a Network Newsman 29
Eastland, Terry
Exciting Times 32
Young, Cathy
Penta Hostilities: Deconstructing the NAS 33
K., Joe
Abortion 35
Rabkin, Jeremy A.
Friends or Strangers 36
McGurn, William
Samurai Widow 37
Queenan, Joe
Richard Aldington 38
Stove, R. J.
Abroad in America 39
Rocca, Francis X.
Francois Truffaut 40
Bowman, James
Current Wisdom 43
Jackasses, Assorted

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