Vol. 20 • May 1987 • No. 5

The Continuing Crisis 8
Correspondence 9
Editorials/Spirits of Enterprise/Along Goose Creek 10
Tyrrell, R Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas/A Stroll with Sidney Hook 11
Bethell, Tom
Politics by Independent Counsel 14
Rabkin, Jeremy
The Real Amerika 16
Stein, Benjamin J.
The Real Bulgaria 18
Puddington, Arch
The Nuclear Test Ban Hoax 21
Isaac, Rael Jean
The Nation's Pulse/Washington Rules 27
Barnes, Fred
The Public Policy/The Democrats' Dilemma 29
Falcoff, Mark
Presswatch/The Shame of It 31
Ledeen, Michael
Among the Constitutionaloids/Party Poopers 33
Eastland, Terry
The Talkies/Sentimental Journeys 36
Bawer, Bruce
The Great American Saloon Series/Bobby Short's Cafe Carlyle 38
Brookhiser, Richard
Spectator's Journal/The Seychelles Test 39
Morrison, Micah
Look Homeward 40
Donald, David Herbert
Understanding Toscanini 42
Horowitz, Joseph
Will It Liberate? 43
Novak, Michael
Selling Culture 45
Silverman, Debora
Lessons 46
Wang, Dr. An & Linden, Eugene
Winston S. Churchill: Road to Victory 19414945 47
Gilbert, Martin
Mexico: Chaos on Our Doorstep 49
Sanders, Sol
Einstein's Monsters 51
Amis, Martin
The Washington Spectator 56
Ferguson, Andrew
Current Wisdom 58
Jackasses, Assorted

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