Vol. 19 • March 1986 • No. 3

The Continuing Crisis 6
Correspondence 7
Editorials/Neolib Vapors/Slob Sisters 8
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas/Justice Day 9
The Coming of Aids 12
Grutsch, James F. Jr. & Robertson, A.D.J.
Containment's Comeback 16
Hamby, Alonzo L.
East Bloc Ecology 18
Puddington, Arch
Sailing from Byzantium 22
Brookhiser, Richard
Presswatch/Ultimately Unfortunate 24
O'Sullivan, John
Spectator's Journal/Lost in Lebanon 26
McGurn, William
European Document/Hi, I'm Johannes Rau 27
Shlaes, Amity
The Nation's Pulse/Making It 28
Bawer, Bruce
Polit-ique Internationale/A Touch of Crass 29
Breaking Faith 31
Belli, Humberto
Right Reason 33
Buckley, William E Jr.
The Federal Courts 34
Posner, Richard A.
The Victim's Song 35
Kaminsky, Alice R.
FDR: A Biography 37
Morgan, Ted
The Heavens and the Earth 40
McDougall, Walter A.
Preparing for Power 41
Cookson, Peter W. Jr. & Persell, Caroline Hodges
But Do Blondes Prefer Gentlemen? 43
Burgess, Anthony
The Washington Spectator 44
Nathan, George Jean
Current Wisdom 50
Jackasses, Assorted

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