Vol. 17 • September 1984 • No. 9

The Continuing Crisis 4
Correspondence 5
Editorials/Jesse's Baffled/Welcome to America 6
Jr, R. Emmett Tyrrell
Capitol Ideas/Out of Sight in San Francisco 7
The Excellence Backlash: Sources of Resistance to Educational Reform 10
Finn, Chester E. Jr.
Nuts and Bolts of the Excellence Movement 17
London, Herbert I. & Fossedal, Gregory A. & Kirp, David L. & Kramer, Rita & Uzzell, Lawrence A. & Carper, James C. & Doyle, Denis P. & Futrell, Mary & Greer, Peter R. & Honig, Bill & Nathan, Joe & Pearlstein, Mitchell B. & Shanker, Albert & Woodson, Robert L. & Murchison, William & Adelson, Joseph
Presswatch/Jackson's Victory Tour 26
Barnes, Fred
European Document/The EEC Spectacle 28
Cosgrave, Patrick
Eminentoes/The Iron Lady of Collectivism 30
Greer, Herb
The Talkies/Confessions of a Critic 33
Podhoretz, John
The Evolution of Cooperation 35
Tucker, William
The Democratic Muse: Visual Arts and the Public Interest 37
Main, Thomas
Strategy and Diplomacy 1870-1945 40
Cohen, Eliot A.
Bad News: The Foreign Policy of the New York Times 42
Bethell, Tom
Horace's Compromise: The Dilemma of the American High School / Against Mediocrity: The Humanities in America's High Schools 43
Turner, John R.
Love and Death in a Hot Country 44
Johnston, George Sim
Spectator's Journal/Projection 46
Breindel, Eric M.
Current Wisdom 49

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