Vol. 16 • July 1983 • No. 7

The Continuing Crisis 4
Correspondence 5
Editorial / In Foreign Parts / Masters of Disaster 6
Tyrreil., R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas/The Bishops' Brain 7
Bethell, Tom
How toTalk to the Russians 10
Berns, Walter
The Policy Wimp Comes of Age 14
Finn, Chester E. Jr.
Modern Arabian Nights 16
Greer, Herb
Porn, Cable TV, and Censorship 20
Wilkinson, David L.
Flannery O'Connor, Hillbilly Thomist 22
Mclnerny, Ralph
The Nation's Pulse/Excellence in Education 24
Robinson, Daniel N.
Presswatch / Reagan on a Roll 26
Barnes, Fred
The Public Policy / Women's Worth 28
Majors, Bruce Powell
European Document / Mitterrand's Dirty TrickS 30
Train, John
Jean-Jacques: The Early Life of Jean-Jacques Rousseau. 1712-1754 32
Cranston, Maurice
Turgenev Letters 34
Lowe, David
Tumultuous Years: The Presidency of Harry S Truman 36
Donovan, Robert J.
SiegfriedSassoon Diaries. 1915-1918 37
Hart-Davis, Rupert
Salvador 38
Didion, Joan
The Boy Scout Handbook and Other Observations 39
Fussell, Paul
Spectator's Journal/Failure by Design 40
Hart, Jeffrey
Current Wisdom 43
Jackasses, Assorted

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