Vol. 16 • January 1983 • No. 1

Capitol ideas/Burgers on the Left Bank 6
Bethell, Tom
Editorial/Papa Brezhnev (1906-1982)/Bishops at the Barricades 7
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
The Continuing Crisis 9
Afghanistan: The Brezhnev Doctrine Lives 10
Samuels, John
The Kindly Mr. Updike 14
Ross, Mitchell S.
Politique Internationale: The Case of the Greek Ayatollah 18
The Dartmouth Review and the Campus Right 19
Lindberg, Tod
The Paradox of Campaign '82 21
Barnes, Fred
The Nation's Pulse/Darkness in California 23
Wettergreen, John
The Campus/Columbia Journalism'.s Class of '82 25
Goodman, Eleonore B.
The Tallies/The Meisterslinger 28
Bayles, Martha
Eminentoes / Mussolinismo 29
Beichman, Arnold
Correpondence 31
Atlantic High 32
Buckley, William F. Jr.
Monsignor Quixote Graham Greene 33
Sisk, John P.
When the Going Was Good!: American Life in the fifties 34
Hart, Jeffrey
Courier from Warsaw 36
Nowak, Jan
Separation of Church and State: Historical Fact and Current Fiction 36
Cord, Robert L.
The Book of Fortune 38
Epstein, Daniel Mark
Spectator's Journal/A Solzhenitsyn's Tribute 39
Isaac, Rael Jean
Current Wisdom 43
Jackasses, Assorted

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