Vol. 15 • November 1982 • No. 11

Correspondence 2
Capitol Ideas/A Question of Faith 4
Bethell, Tom
Editorial/CBS Beholds the Noose/The Calling 5
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
The Continuing Crisis 7
Soviet Rain 8
Rothwell, Nicholas
Second Wife City 10
Stein, Ben
P.G. Wodehouse's World of Bliss 12
O'Sullivan, John
No Time for Fraud: Roberta Karmel on the S.E.C. 15
Baldwin, Fred D.
Duck Soup 18
Fairbank, JohnK.
Among the Intellectualoids / Seasick 21
Norman, Geoffrey
Presswatch/Henchmen 22
Barnes, Fred
The Nation's Pulse/Semper Fidelis 23
McGurn, William
The Real World/ Junk Mail Democracy 24
Back to Basics: The Traditionalist Movement that is sweeping Grass-Roots America 26
Pines, Burton Yale
The Polish August / Solidarity: Poland in the Season of its Passion 28
Ascherson, Neal & Weschler, Lawrence
Irving Babbitt: Representative Writings 29
Panichas, George A.
Minds, Markets and Money: Psychological Foundations of Economic Behavior 32
Maital ., Shlomo
Contemporary Russian Prose 33
Carl & Proffer, Elléndea
To Absent Friends from Red Smith / The Red Smith Reader 34
Smith, Red & Anderson, Dave
Some Sort of Epic Grandeur: The Life ofF. Scott Fitzgerald 36
Bruccoli, Matthew J.
Current Wisdom 39
Jackasses, Assorted

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