Vol. 15 • January 1982 • No. 1

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial / Swedish Dreams of Empire 4
Tyrrell, R.Emmett Jr.
Capitol Edeas / Good Writer Greider 5
Bethell, Tom
Yellow Rain Over Laos 7
Rothwell, Nicholas
Robert Nozkk, the Congenial Philosopher 11
Herzog, Don
The Legacy of Constitutionalism: The hoebner Era Reconsidered 14
Holland, Maurice J.
Over Here: Veterans in the New Age 19
Rehyansky, Joseph A.
The Public Policy / Taxing Interest Rates 22
Bethell, Tom
Spectator's Journal / Reaganism Meets the Third World 24
Crutcher, Anne
Among the Intellectualoids / Hot to Trot, So What? 26
Muggeridge, John
The Nation's Pulse / A Few Liberals Sober Up 29
Barnes, Fred
Correspondence 32
Debts of Honour 33
Greer, Herb
Selected Letters of Raymond Chandler 35
Teachout, Terry
The Persistence of the Old Regime: Europe to the Great War 36
Johnjamieson, T.
Journey to Nowhere: A New WorldTragedy 38
Kaplan, Howard
Current Wisdom 42

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