Vol. 14 • August 1981 • No. 8

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial/Bouquets for the Israelites/Animal Rights 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas/Phrase Mating 5
Bethell, Tom
The Involuntary Unemployment of John Maynard Keynes 7
Skidelsky, Robert
Rising Above Principle: The Conservative Public Interest Law Firm 12
Baldwin, Fred D
Elliot Cohen and Commentary's Campus 16
Freedman, Morris
Ars Memoranda 23
Nollson, John
Eminentoes/Metaphysical Conceits 24
Ross, Mitchell S.
The Talkies/The Great Effeminist 27
Podhoretz, John
Among the Intellectualoids/Virgin Martyrs 28
Becker, Brenda L.
European Document/London's Riots 32
Welch, Colin
The Prestige Press and the Christmas Bombing, 1972: Images and and Reality in Vietnam 34
Herz, Martin F. & Rider, Leslie F.
The World Challenge 35
Servan-Schreiber, Jean-Jacques
The Games War: A Moscow Journal 38
Booker, Christopher
Unreliable Memoirs 39
James, Clive
Current Wisdom 40
Jackasses, Assorted

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