Vol. 14 • April 1981 • No. 4

The Continuing Crisis 2
Editorial/The Pearl Harbor of Their Youth 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas/In Defense of Dirt 5
Bethell, Tom
Lech vs. Leonid: Striking Out at the Kremlin 7
Puddington, Arch
China's Post-Thaw Blues 11
London, Miriam London, Ta-Ling Lee, Ivan D.
Radicals Liberals, Illiberal Families 15
Carlson, Allan C.
Men of Letters 19
Nollson, John
Eminentoes/Tailgunning for the Hollywood Ten 25
Seabury, Paul
Among the Intellectualoids/Growing Up Freaked 28
Podhoretz, John
The Nation's Pulse/The New Class and the Big Bang 30
Shattan, Joseph
The Public Policy/Gentlemanly Spooks 32
Beichman, Arnold
The Great American Saloon Series/Barmaids 34
Mysak, Joe
Paradigms Lost: Reflections on Literacy and Its Decline 35
Dunlap, John R
The Spanish Revolution: The Left and the Struggle for Power during the Civil War 37
Payne, Stanley G.
The Stretchford Chronicles: 25 Years of Peter Simple 39
Bakshian, Aram Jr.
The Thirties /Our Neighbor from Talcottville 40
Nolte, William H.
Correspondence 43
Current Wisdom 44
Jackasses, Assorted

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