Vol. 12 • November 1979 • No. 11

A Letter From Europe / An Englishman Looks at Teddy 2
Worsthorne, Peregrine
Editorial / The Twenty Years' War of the So-called Liberal 4
Tyrrell, R. Emmett Jr.
Capitol Ideas / Washington's Ways and Mean Streets 5
Bethell, Tom
Norman's Conquests 7
Starr, Roger
Why Are There Neoconservatives ? 10
al, Elliott Abrams, et.
Two Poems from the Chinese Underground 20
London, Miriam & Lee, Ta-ling
War as Metaphor 22
Hart, Jeffrey
Amalgamated Political Fiction 26
Nollson, John
The Public Policy / Saving Energy, Saving Souls 28
Howe, Nell
Stalin: Man of History 32
Grey, Ian
A Tissue o Lies: Nixon vs. Hiss 35
Levitt, Morton & Levitt, Michael
The Politics of War: The Story of Two Wars Which Altered Forever the Political Life of the American Republic (1890-1920) 36
Karp, Walter
Innocents of the Ir/est: Travels Through the Sixties 38
Colebrook, Joan
Coming Out of the Ice: An Unexpected Life 38
Herman, Victor
Things Past 40
Muggeridge, Malcolm
Spectator's Journal 41
Correspondence 45
Current Wisdom 46
Jackasses, Assorted

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